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            Going to a Dome Event?  
free parking when you dine at Naina's!

    Reservations are recommended,
      especially for Flames games. 

             Call 403-263-6355

   Gluten-free options available.

    We are a Mealshare partner .

         2016 Silver Medalist

2016 Alberta BurgerFest Calgary Winner
           in the $15 Category!!!

2015 Alberta BurgerFest Calgary Runner-Up
           in the $15 Category

2014 YYC Burger Week Runner-Up in the $15 Category 

2013 YYC Burger Week Winner

             Naina:   noun \ˈnīn\ (nina) - Grandma in Welsh

Welcome to Naina's Kitchen

While the original concept centered on a grandma's cooking concept, the idea, though still focused on comfort food, has evolved.

Every order is made from scratch using fresh ingredients - the fries and burgers, the mac n cheese, the grilled cheeses, the poutines, the salads, the soups and scones.  Each item on the menu is designed exactly to Erin's specifications - no cutting corners.

This really is comfort food at its best!!

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       John Gilchrist: Get 'stuffed' with elaborate burgers at Naina's sparkling new digs

                                         Calgary Herald    September 17, 2016


              Avenue Magazine 
Best Burgers                    (page 48)

When it comes to bang for buck, few foods deliver like a good

                                                   Gwendolyn Richards  June 03, 2016 



                                 Posted 05/27/2016

Naina's was mentioned on "The Social" in a segment called
             "The best foodie destinations" - September 2, 2015

Watch the Naina's Kitchen segment of
            “You Gotta Eat Here!”
(Season 4, Episode 7)
   on the Food Network.  
           click on the photo to the left!              

                   Julie Van Rosendaal, CBC News    (May 9, 2015)

                    Erin Mueller and the Naina's stuffed burger phenomenon

Where to Dine Awards Calgary 2014     (Jan.5, 2015)

                    Best Burgers - Naina’s Kitchen

  Gwendolyn Richards, Calgary Herald
  The Battle of the Burgers:  the Winner
      (Dec.2, 2014)

                      Naina’s Kitchen
(check out the video)

                         Gwendolyn Richards, Calgary Herald   
                         You Gotta Eat Here Returns to Calgary
                                      and Area for Another Helping 
                                                                                        (Aug. 1, 2014)


           Avenue Magazine
What to Eat Now:  A Guide to the Best
                                                                           of Summer Food

               Best Burgers       
                         1st Place - Naina’s Kitchen
- page 49   (June 2014)


           Avenue Magazine - Best of Summer Food

              Best Burgers
                        2nd Place  Naina’s Kitche
n - page 66  (June 2013)

        John Gilchrist, CBC Calgary Eyeopener
                                                     (Dec. 14, 2012)

                              Julie Van Rosendaal, Calgary Herald
Hidden Gem’s Burger Worth the Search
                                                                                (Dec. 13, 2012)